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Every member involved in The Specialists is handpicked for their skill and talent at controlling on the VATSIM Network. All of our controlling members have their own top-notch skills which will be highlighted while you fly through the airspace.

Quick Response Times 

If you request an area for The Specialists to staff up, be sure we will respond to your request in a timely manner. We will keep you up to date with the progress of your request and work alongside you when we start staffing up your FIR!

Iron Mic Attempts

At every area of Asia we staff up we will attempt on gaining an Iron Mic not only to highlight the area we are controlling, but also to encourage healthy traffic flow. We want to give the FIR we are staffing a healthy oppotunity to attract pilots and attention! 

High Quality Services

Synonym to The Specialists is efficient, quick and friendly service. Our highly motivated ATC and staff team will strive to provide you with first class service. We are confident your expectations will be exceeded!.

Satisfied & Happy Members

We make sure every member of The Specialists is taken care of and is involved in a healthy and safe environment. We are all here to enjoy controlling, and everyone can speak to the experienced team about any concerns they may have without judgement or bias.

Strong Leadership

Our staff at The Specialists are high quality and carefully selected due to their experience and commitment to the network. Upon joining, you will experience the hospitality and team passion which both the management and the fellow members share. We want to strive to ensure this is an absolute highlight of Asia.

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Team Lead

Bailey Brown

FIR & ATC Manager

Brodie Murdoch

Region Director - Project Leader

Anastasios Stefopoulos

PR & Recruitment Manager

Tim Scott-White

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Check out what we are up to next, and maybe you can suggest where we go after that! The people control where we control